Corfu has a natural environment of unique beauty which, with the verdant of greenery and blue sea, as well as with an abundance of colorful wild flowers, looks as impressive as an artist's painting constantly transformed. The alternative agricultural landscape with the woods and green olive groves at the edge of the hills touching the islands beaches, compose an aesthetic whole of exquisite beauty.

Undoubtedly part of the Greek civilization, the Corfu civilization shows important particularities which make it distinct. Since the ancient times, the residents of Corfu , the Pheakes, have been famous for their gentleness and their amusing character. The father of history, Herodotos, said that the residents of Corfu , were distinguished for their excellent performance in fine arts and in music in particular. This excellence, according to historic research, was kept through the centuries despite the influences the island and the residents have been under.

Corfu today is a place where even the regular visitors always find something new to discover.

For Corfiots, hospitality is a way of life. Nights in Corfu can be as exciting or as tranquil as you choose. At night, the island comes alive in the summer beach resorts and for those who prefer something a little more peaceful, seek out the seaside tavernas where the only sound is the lap of waves and the clink of glasses, as the last rays of the sun stir the sea to a cocktail of pink and gold.

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